Uniform exponential convergence to quasi-stationary distributions in population dynamics
Nicolas Champagnat, INRIA, France

The evolution of bacteria: “Through the looking glass”
Gloria Soberón-Chávez, Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas, UNAM

Competitive populations with vertical and horizontal transmissions
Sylvie Méléard, École Polytechnique, France

Genealogy of Wright-Fisher bridges
Bob Griffiths, University of Oxford

How does spatial structure interact with natural selection? 
Alison Etheridge, University of Oxford, UK

How fast are interactions?
Sylvain Billiard, University of Lille, France

An individual-based model for the Lenski experiment, and the deceleration of the relative fitness
Adrián González-Casanova and Noemi Kurt, Technische Universität, Berlin, Germany

Large population and rare mutations asymptotics for a spatially structured population
Hélène Leman, CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique, France